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"Good put it between your legs and pull up the girdle before it starts getting hard again." Bill did as he was told I gave him a new bra and his breast forms. Then I gave him his new dress. Bill pulled the dress down over his head and I zipped it up. The dress fit him but I wasn't thrilled with the way his stomach bulged around the panty girdle. I unzip the dress and had him remove it. Taking a corset I bought for another sleeveless dress I got for him. I gave it to him to put on. He wrapped it around him as I button up the back. I could tell he was having some trouble breathing. Then I heard him moan.

"Does Hardcore rape that hurt." I asked I didn't want him to be in pain the whole night. "Not the corset it feels good. But my cock is trying to get hard again that's starting to hurt." "You're just going to have to learn to control it." I had him put on the dress again. This time it fit perfect. I took Bill to the mirror and said. "See it's perfect on you as long as you don't bulge out the front where a girl shouldn't."

Hardcore rape

"Do Rape incorporated I always have to wear this corset? You never wear one. "That's because I work out at the gym at work four day's a week. And I watch what I eat." "That settles it I start at the gym tomorrow. And if I wear this thing I won't be eating very much."

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"Tomorrow Sexual assault nurse examiner you have a busy day Monday will be better but you could start running again." I had Bill take off the dress then had him try on the other dresses I bought as well as the skirts and blouses. I was also letting him know what went with what. When we where done trying on all his new cloths. We hung up every thing and but it on his side of the closet. That's when I realized that we didn't have enough closet space for three people. Or draw space for Glenda's things.

Sexual assault nurse examiner

"Bill Forcible rape for now put Glenda's thing in the spare bedroom. Next week will you get a contactor to finally convert that small bedroom into a closet like we planed?" I've been after Bill to have the small bedroom adjacent to our bedroom made into large closet with draws and hanging space. The bedroom was too small for anything practical. It was suppose to be a sewing room when we bought the house. I don't sew that's what tailors where for. We put Bills panties and bras and camisole in his underwear draw and threw out his old boxers since he wasn't wearing them any more. Looking at the clock I realized it was two in the morning. I had to get some sleep. I slipped into a nightshirt. Bill washed the makeup off his face and put on a baby doll nightie. And slipped into bed with me. Then he said to me.

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"Did you have fun with Jenny today?" "Yes we had a great time shopping some thing you hate to do. It was really fun having a girlfriend that likes to shop. It's something I miss. Why do you ask?" "I notice you had your tee-shirt was on inside out when you got home."

Forcible rape

"Did Female rape I really? We played around in the car on the way back. Well actually she played with me while I sat there naked and let her do what she wanted. She's very good with her hands. Are you jealous?" "A little only because I wasn't there to watch. You look so beautiful when your cumming.' Bill told me as he ran his hands over my stomach. Then he felt the naval ring I had just gotten. "What's this?" He asked. I pulled up my nightshirt to let him see it and said.

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"It's Forced stripping my new naval ring. Do you like it? Jenny's was so pretty and it turned me on and you said you thought I would look good with one, so I got one too." "Its very sexy on you. I always thought you had a sexy tummy. That just makes it more so." Bill said as he bent his head and kissed my tummy. He then looked up and said. "Did you know Jim has a nipple ring?"

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"No. How did you find that out?" "I went over there so we could drive together to the club for dinner. He was just putting on his shirt when I arrived I notice it but I didn't say anything. After dinner we returned to his house and we had a drink on their patio. He asked how come I didn't ask about the nipple ring. I said I notice it but didn't think it was any concern to me. Then he asked if I wanted to know why he was wearing one. He told me it was a sign of his servitude to Jenny when she got the naval ring she had him get the nipple ring as a gift to her."

Forced stripping

"Wow Forced oral sex that's devotion. He must really love her. Those things hurt a lot. Samantha, the girl that put my naval ring in has two, one in each nipple and a chain between them. She said it was a sensitive area and they hurt when there put in and the nipple is always hard while they're in." Bill then said

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"I Secretary rape love you enough to have one put in. I love you enough to have both my nipples done." I was flabbergasted I didn't know what to say. Finally I said. "Bill I don't want you to do it just for me. If you want have ring put in your nipples we can get it done but don't do it for me." He said

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"I Teacher rape want to do it to show my love and servitude to you not just to have it done. I want it so that every time you see them you are reminded that I love you and am completely devoted to you." I didn't know what to say. I wanted to give him time for his profession of love for me to sink in. Finally I said.

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"Bill Anal rape stories when you can put on make up like a real girl and control your cock from getting a hard on until I say you can. Also when I can see that this is not a game and you truly want to be submissive to me then you can get your nipples pierced for me not before." I looked into Bill's eyes and I saw tears forming. "Bill why are you crying."

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"Because you understood why I wanted to do this. I thought you might think I was sick or twisted." "I don 't think your twisted. I just want you to be sure this is what you want." I pulled Bill's head up to mine so I could kiss him. Just as I did that I remembered the cock ring I got from Brenda. I open my nightstand draw and pulled out the cock ring. I read the instructions. It said.